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Environmental Sustainability

The City of Whittlesea and its residents are committed to environmental sustainability, through improving and protecting biodiversity and community connection to nature.


Our ask

Protect the 1200-hectare Grassy Ecualypt Woodland (GEW) Reserve; carry out on-ground conservation activities in all future reserves; implement a Kangaroo management plan; develop community parks, and review relevant legislations.  

Community benefits

  • Protect the reserve listed as a critically endangered ecological community 
  • Protect threatened species, flora and wildlife 
  • Protect and improve biodiversity
  • Reduce threat of climate change on flora and fauna  

Integrated Water Management

Our ask

A feasibility study for multiple water sources in our municipality and neighbouring areas. This initiative will help ensure agricultural productivity, including economic growth and employment. 

Community benefit

  • Build rural climate resilience 
  • Protect agricultural land in Melbourne’s peri-urban food bowl  

Circular Economy

Our ask

Funding for sustained community education programs across the State to increase recovery, recycling, repair and reuse, and reducing landfill.

Community benefits

  • Implement Recycling Victoria change 
  • Reduce landfill 
  • Create employment opportunities 
  • Transform current linear economy mindset to circular economy