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Advocacy Priorities

Council relies on all levels of government to help provide the infrastructure and services that our community needs and advocates to the government to fund these priorities.

Whittlesea is a rapidly growing municipality with a population of 230,000 people.  Our community is forecast to grow to 388,000 people by 2041.
New infrastructure such as community centres, sporting facilities and libraries is needed to support our new residents.  New roads need to be built and existing roads duplicated to accommodate extra traffic and more public transport provided so our community can stay connected. 

Here's what we're asking for:

State and Federal Budget submissions

We've written to the state and federal treasurers identifying items we'd like funded in this year's  budgets.

Projects include road upgrades, public transport affordable housing, mental health services, spots facilities, local schools, job opportunities, recycling initiatives and environmental protections.

Public Transport

Wollert Rail

Our community urgently needs a train line to Wollert. Many residents currently face a two-hour one way commute to work, missing out on important social and family time.

Tram Route 86 extension

Our ask:

Publish the feasibility study on the extension of Tram Route 86, which is currently being considered by the State Government.

Bus services

A 10 minute premium bus service from Lalor railway station to Craigieburn Town Centre via Wollert will improve the daily lives of 6300 local residents in the proposed bus catchment in Epping North. Importantly it will give users frequent access to employment and essential services in the Epping Central Activity Centre.

Download the Public Transport Fact Sheets below:


E6 Freeway

Our community needs the construction of the E6 Freeway to relieve congestion on Whittlesea's north - south road network and to cater for the rapidly growing communities across the Northern Growth Corridor.

Epping Road

Our community urgently needs Epping Road to be duplicated between Craigieburn Road East and Bridge Inn Road to increase road capacity and address the serious safety risks faced by road users.

Bridge Inn Road

Our community urgently needs Bridge Inn Road to be duplicated and urbanised between Yan Yean Road and Wellington Street to address the serious safety risks currently faced by road users and school children.

Craigieburn Road East

Our community needs Craigieburn Road East to be duplicated and urbanised between Epping Road and the Hume Freeway to service growing communities in Epping North and Wollert.

Findon Road

Our community urgently needs Findon Road to be extended and duplicated between Epping Road and Plenty Road to increase road capacity and ease traffic congestion.

Donnybrook Road

Our community needs Donnybrook Road to be duplicated and urbanised between Merriang Road and the Merri Creek to service growing communities in Donnybrook and Kalkallo.

Download the roads fact sheets below

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Victoria is experiencing a housing crisis. While the State Government has recently taken positive steps in addressing affordable housing much more needs to be done. This housing crisis means vulnerable people in our municipality do not have a safe and stable home.

Download the affordable housing fact sheet below:



Every week the City of Whittlesea welcomes more families to the municipality, particularly to our new growth suburbs of Epping North, Wollert and Donnybrook. The rapid population growth along Whittlesea's north-western growth corridor means there is significant demand for education infrastructure and services.

Download the schools fact sheet below:

Jobs Growth

International food hub in Melbourne's North

Melbourne's North is fast positioning itself as a food hub of national significance. A large undeveloped parcel of land in the heart of the precinct could bolster the region as a major player in the global food market. With a skilled workforce and supporting industries on its doorstep, the only thing stopping Melbourne's North from international success is government investment.

Beveridge Intermodal Freight Terminal

Beveridge has been identified by the State Government as a prime location for Victoria's interstate freight hub. This exciting infrastructure will play a significant role in delivering efficiencies in the movement of freight, ease traffic congestion and unlock job opportunities for a rapidly expanding community.

Download the jobs growth fact sheets below:

Health and Wellbeing Services

Mental Health Services

There are significant gaps in mental health services in the City of Whittlesea relative to other areas in the Eastern Primary Health Network catchment. An uneven distribution of services across the catchment, with clustering of services in inner suburban areas leaves significant service gaps in the outer northern areas.

Perinatal Mental Health Services

During a pregnancy and the year after giving birth is the time in a women's life when she is most likely to experience a mental health disorder. Yet despite more than 3000 births in the City of Whittlesea each year, our mums have very little access to perinatal and postnatal services. Urgent government funding is needed to establish these services and support our new mums during this very exciting, but challenging part of their life.

Mernda Health and Wellbeing Hub

The hub will bring essential health and wellbeing services and local jobs to Mernda.

Download the Health and Wellbeing Services fact sheets below:

Mernda Sports Hub

Aquatic and indoor sports centre in Mernda

The rapidly growing communities of Doreen and Mernda urgently need an aquatic and indoor sports centre like those enjoyed by other communities. Our residents experience higher than average health issues yet have limited access to facilities known to reduce the incidence of some of these diseases.



Download the Mernda Sports Hub fact sheet:

Gambling Reform


Sports gambling is the fastest growing form of gambling in Australia. Advertising is becoming increasingly pervasive and is particularly harmful to children. Advertising normalises the link between gambling and sport. This is a growing public health problem and must be a priority for the Federal Government. Strict regulation of advertising is as necessary for gambling as it was for tobacco.

Pokies Reform

For a long time the City of Whittlesea has been working hard to minimise the devastating harm that poker machine gambling has on our community, especially disadvantaged communities. We are a lead partner of the Alliance for Gambling Reform and support the Pokies Play You campaign.

Download the Gambling Reform fact sheets below:



City of Whittlesea residents are committed to recycling. However, our national recycling system is in crisis and requires significant overhaul. With the right policy leadership and investment, our recycling system can be saved and strengthened.

Download the Recycling fact sheet below:


Lobed Needle Grass Eradication

Lobed needle grass poses a significant threat to biodiversity and agricultural productivity. It is classed as a "state prohibited weed" under law meaning that it is considered to be among the highest category of noxious weeds in our state but one which is still capable of being eradicated. Since 2012 the State Government has taken no action to eradicate lobed needle grass despite having a statutory duty to take reasonable steps to do so.


Grassy Eucalypt Woodland Reserve

The Grassy Eucalypt Woodland is made up of majestic Red River Gums that are the environmental hallmark of our municipality. Unfortunately, its existence is under threat due to some farming practices and urban development. As part of extending the Urban Growth Boundary, in 2009 the Victorian State Government made a commitment to the Federal Government to secure (among other things) 1200ha of Grassy Eucalypt Woodland Reserve by 2020. So far, no land within this reserve has been secured and urgent action i required.

Download the Environment fact sheets