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Extend tram route 86 to South Morang

Since the light rail line to RMIT Bundoora along Plenty Road was established in 1993, there has been significant residential growth in South Morang and beyond.

Tram route 86 runs along Plenty Road and currently ends at McKimmies Road in Bundoora.

Combined with a lack of train, bus and tram services in this area - there is a large gap in the provision of public transport through the Plenty Valley corridor from Bundoora to South Morang.

We are requesting that the existing tram line is extended from Bundoora to South Morang.

How will this benefit our community?

  • reduce traffic congestion along Plenty Road
  • provide an efficient public transport option
  • increase access to services and facilities within walking distance of the tram route
  • reduce social isolation in vulnerable communities
  • cheaper transport options

How you can help

It's important that our community rally together to inform that State Government of the importance of this project, and to let them know that it's a priority in our community.

You can help by: