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Hume interchange at O'Herns Road and Edgars Road extension

The State and Federal Government have committed funding towards the construction of the Hume Freeway/O'Herns Road Interchange.

The existing road network, including the Cooper Street Freeway Interchange, is currently at capacity and traffic continues to grow.

The significant traffic congestion surrounding this area has many negative impacts on our community, including discouraging business investment.

How will this benefit our community?

  • significant relief to traffic congestion at the Hume Freeway/Cooper Street interchange
  • direct access between residential area of 45,000 people to Epping Central and the Cooper Street interchange
  • accommodate traffic growth resulting from the opening of the Melbourne Wholesale Market
  • $348 million of state productivity during construction
  • $91 million per annum at full development
  • improved road connectivity for all road users
  • more direct access to and from the Hume Freeway
  • improvements to bus services
  • freight road users separated from residential areas

Current situation

The Victorian Government have committed to providing their share of funding to construct the diamond interchange connecting O'Herns Road with the Hume Freeway, and to duplicate 1.4km section of O'Herns Road.

In 2015, the State Government submitted a business case to the Federal Government for their consideration. In November 2016 the Federal Transport Minister, Darren Chester, announced the O'Herns Road Interchange Project would be included in an urban congestion package as part of a $3 billion Victorian Infrastructure Package. 

In addition to building a new interchange, the State Government business case outlines the duplication of 1.4 kilometres of O'Herns Road, east of the interchange and new traffic lights to replace the roundabout at the intersection of O'Herns, Findon Road and Epping Road.