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Environmental Sustainability

The City of Whittlesea and its residents are committed to environmental sustainability, through improving and protecting biodiversity and community connection to nature.

Grassy Eucalypt Woodland Reserve

The Grassy Eucalypt Woodland is made up of majestic Red River Gums that are the environmental hallmark of our municipality. Unfortunately, its existence is under threat due to some farming practices and urban development. As part of extending the Urban Growth Boundary, in 2009 the State Government made a commitment to the Federal Government to secure (among other things) 1200 hectare of Grassy Eucalypt Woodland Reserve by 2020. So far, no land within this reserve has been secured and urgent action is required.

To protect and improve biodiversity and community connection to nature, Council is advocating for the following:

  • A regional Kangaroo Management Plan to be developed.
  • Funding for immediate on-ground conservation activities in all future conservation reserves identified under the Melbourne Strategic Assessment to prevent ongoing decline
  • Increase funding to Parks Victoria to improve biodiversity and community infrastructure outcomes in major parks I the City of Whittlesea including Plenty Gorge Parklands, Craigieburn Grasslands, and Mt Disappointment.

Sustainable Land Management

  • Review the Catchment and Land Protection Act 1987 to improve land management outcomes.

Integrated Water Management

  • Investigate feasibility of providing recycled water to rural landowners within the City of Whittlesea.

Create a Circular Economy

  • Advocate for reduced consumer packaging, more product stewardship programs and bans for unnecessary and problematic single-use plastics
  • Support the introduction of new local resource recovery drop off sites.