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Organisational chart

Organisational chart

Our organisation is structured into six directorates, each responsible for a broad range of services.

Organisational structure

Text version of organisational chart

Chief Executive Officer

  • Community Services
    • Family, Children and Young People
    • Community Wellbeing
    • Community Cultural Development
    • Aged and Disability
    • Leisure and Community Facilities
  • Partnerships and Engagement
    • Advocacy, Communications and Economic Development
    • Community Building and Planning
    • Governance
  • City Transport and Presentation
    • Parks and Open Space
    • City Presentation
    • City Design and Transport
    • Major Facilities
  • Planning and Major Projects
    • Major Projects
    • Building Services
    • Strategic Planning and Design
    • Development Assessment
  • Corporate Services
    • Finance and Assets
    • Human Resources
    • Organisational Development
    • Corporate Accountability and Performance
    • Information Services
    • Property Rates and Valuations