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Biodiversity Strategy

Biodiversity Strategy

Thanks for letting us know what you think we should be doing, and how we could work better with the community to protect and enhance our local environment. We'll keep you updated.

What is biodiversity?

Biodiversity refers to the array of plants, animals and other organisms that make up our local environment.

Why is biodiversity important to us?

Biodiversity relates to many of the vital services we rely on to keep us alive and healthy. The air we breathe, water we drink and the food we eat all come from biodiversity. So we think it’s pretty important to protect.

Biodiversity is also important as a source of recreational opportunities and provides a strong cultural connection to place.

Biodiversity in the City of Whittlesea

Our municipality is located at the juncture of three bioregions (areas that are defined and differentiated by things like geology, climate, vegetation and soil type):

Highlands Southern Fall Bioregion area in the north east

Features extensive forested areas at the foothills of the Kinglake National Park and west to Eden Park and surrounds.

Central Victorian Upland

An isolated pocket is located in South Morang and Mernda and supports a variety of ecosystems.

Victorian Volcanic Plain

More than half of our area sits on Volcanic Plan, a fertile landscape that supports River Red Gum Woodland and Grassy Woodland Habitats that once dominated, but are now under increasing pressure from urbanisation.

Significant flora and fauna in the City of Whittlesea

We have some of Australia’s rarest species of flora and fauna here in the City of Whittlesea. 52 threatened flora and fauna species have been recorded within our municipality including:

Critically endangered:

  • Regent honeyeater
  • Golden Sun Moth
  • Swift Parrot


  • Australian Painted Snipe
  • Matted Flax-Lily
  • Australasian Bittern


  • Greater Glider
  • Clover glycine
  • Growling Grass Frog

Consultation has now closed.

Thanks for your feedback on the Biodiversity Strategy. Consultation has now closed.

We'll be announcing the prize winners soon and we'll update you about the development of the strategy.

If you have any questions, contact Sustainability Planning on 9217 2170.