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Epping Central Structure Plan Review

We are reviewing the Epping Central Structure plan to ensure it meets the current needs of the Epping Central area.

One of Council’s important jobs is to ensure our community is planned in a way that fits with how people live their lives and enjoy their local areas.

Epping Central is one local area that is important to many people in our community. It includes major shopping areas, health services, employment and education locations and some residential areas.

We are currently updating the strategic plan for the Epping Central area and want to hear from you.

To help guide our conversation we’ve developed a Future Directions Paper which has key directions for the 10 different precincts within the Epping Central area.

You can have your say on the Future Directions Paper.

Read the Future Directions Paper and Fact Sheets below.

Read more about Epping Central.

Fill out our survey below.

For more information contact Emerald Thomson, Strategic Planner on 9217 2587 or email us.