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Kirrip Community Centre

We’re building a multi-purpose community centre on De Rossi Boulevard, Wollert.

What’s happening?

The new community centre in Wollert East will provide essential services to the booming population in the city’s north. It will include a modern three‑room kindergarten, two fully-equipped maternal and child health consulting suites, a 200sqm community hall, meeting spaces for community groups and a landscaped outdoor area.

The centre has been designed as an inclusive and accessible space for our diverse and growing community.


Project cost

The City of Whittlesea has invested $7 million into this project and has received $2.75 million in funding from a Victorian Government Building Blocks grant.



The centre is set to open in January 2022.


Kindergarten applications

Applications for three and four-year-old kindergarten for 2022 are now open. To apply visit this webpage.