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New aquatic and indoor sports centre in Mernda

New aquatic and indoor sports centre in Mernda

A new aquatic and indoor sports centre is planned for development in Mernda. The centre will include indoor aquatic facilities, health and fitness areas and indoor sports courts.


The proposed site is within the future Recreation Reserve on Plenty Road, Mernda, to the North of Bridge Inn Road.


In order to determine the feasibility of the development, we will be conducting research until early 2018. This includes community engagement to find out what you would like to see included in the facility design and how you would like to access and use it, prior to report being presented to council for approval.

Depending on the outcomes of the feasibility study, design of the centre is planned to commence from 2018 with the facility construction expected to commence from 2020 onwards.

Tell us what you'd like to see at the facility

We're looking for your input into the future design of this exciting new community facility.

We want to gain an understanding of your priorities and aspirations for the future aquatic and indoor sports centre.

To do this complete our online survey below.