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Norris Bank Reserve upgrade Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I still use Norris Bank Reserve during the construction period?

You will still be able to access Norris Bank Reserve during construction. The play space, picnic area and toilets will be closed but you will still be able to use the other facilities at Norris Bank, including the dog off leash area, Darebin Creek Shared Path and basketball court.

2. Are the toilets include in the upgrade?

As part of the upgrade we will be constructing a new accessible toilet facility with a changing places toilet. We understand that the closure of the toilets will affect many members of the community and are prioritising the construction of the new facility to have it open to the public as soon as possible.

3. What type of equipment will be include in the upgrade?

The new play equipment will include the following:

  • 6m high play tower with slides, monkey bars, rope play and interactive elements
  • A range of swings including a birds nest swing and liberty swing
  • Flying fox
  • Trampolines.

4. Will the liberty swing be removed? 

The liberty swing will receive a refurbishment and be relocated in the play area next to the range of other swings.

5. Will the upgrade include water play?

Yes, the upgrade includes a water play area.

6. Will the upgrade include additional parking?

Additional parking is not included in the upgrade. As part of the implementation of the Norris Bank Master plan, a traffic review will be undertaken to assess the need for further parking