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Rochdale Square town centre and park upgrade

We’ve upgraded the streetscape and park at Rochdale Square in Lalor to revitalise the town centre.

What did the project include?

Streetscape upgrades:

  • Widening of footpaths
  • Increased outdoor seating
  • Landscaping.

Park/playground upgrades:

  • Play structure with slide
  • Triple swing set with multiple seat options
  • Three picnic settings
  • Two shelters
  • Electric barbecue
  • New seats
  • Renovated open grass areas
  • New park lighting will be installed later in the year.

Why did Council undertake these works?

This project was undertaken to support local business owners by making the shops easier to access and bringing new customers into the area.

With almost 4000 households with children in Lalor, the upgraded park and playground will help transform this precinct into a lively and inviting community hub.

We have created more spaces for residents to connect, supported by new barbecue facilities, shelters, seating and open grass areas.

Project cost

Total project cost: $799,000

  • Council contribution: $436,500
  • Victorian Government contribution: $362,500 from the Growing Suburbs Fund.