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Whittlesea Public Gardens upgrade

Whittlesea Public Gardens is a reserve measuring over 12 hectares located in Lalor at the western end of Barry Road. The Gardens were first opened in 1994, and is of strategic importance to the municipality, being one of Council’s four major regional open space reserves.

Master Plan

In September 2018, we adopted a master plan for Whittlesea Public Gardens which outlines a number of objectives and actions that will see Whittlesea Public Gardens upgraded and improved.

Master Plan Objectives

  • Create an iconic regional park for the northern suburbs.
  • Support the existing local community use and improve access to the Gardens.
  • Provide new open space facilities to cater for the expanding local community and to attract new visitors.
  • Improve public safety.
  • Upgrade and expand the existing playground, BBQ and picnic facilities.
  • Upgrade the existing toilet facility.
  • Upgrade the existing path network.
  • Renew existing planting.
  • Integrate future residential development to enhance the Gardens environment.

What’s happening?

Park upgrade

The Whittlesea Public Gardens will be transformed into a place for all. An extensive upgrade to the park will address the master plan objectives outlined above, while providing the community with an exciting space that brings people together and promotes community wellbeing. 

Concept plans for the gardens were completed in March 2020, providing detail on the regional play and social gathering space.

The park will include:

  • A children’s learn to ride bicycle track
  • Children’s play area
  • Multipurpose courts
  • Skate area
  • Shelters
  • Barbecue facilities
  • As well as an events lawn and recreation area.

To view the concept plan, click here.


Residential development

The approved master plan proposed converting a disused section of road reserve on the edge of the park into housing. The main driver behind the proposed residential development is to enhance the Whittlesea Public Gardens environment by improving the landscape character, visibility and safety.

Concept plans are currently being assessed to determine the feasibility of this project.


Project timelines

The detailed plans for the park upgrade are expected to be finalised by December 2020.

The upgrade will be undertaken over multiple stages, spanning several years. The first stage of construction is expected to begin in July 2021.


The Whittlesea Public Gardens upgrade is supported by the Victorian Government through the Growing Suburbs Fund.


Contact us

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