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A new vision for Epping Central

A new vision for Epping Central

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Residents are invited to have their say on how the City of Whittlesea’s Metropolitan Activity Centre, Epping Central, will continue to evolve into a liveable, diverse and thriving place for all.

As part of Council’s review of the Epping Central Structure Plan, which was adopted in 2011, a Future Directions Paper is now on public exhibition.

The Future Directions Paper proposes 19 key directions that will shape the future of Epping Central, including:

  • The vision for Epping Central
  • Land use – refocusing the heart of the Activity Centre
  • Housing – encouraging new residential and mixed-use opportunities
  • Employment and business – creating a major health precinct and food hub
  • Transport and movement – improving pedestrian links to enhance walking and cycling
  • Streetscapes – creating vibrant streets
  • Services and facilities – delivering new community facilities
  • Design – plan for key sites
  • Open space and public realm – enhancing access and amenity

Chair, Panel of Administrators, Ms Lydia Wilson said Epping Central was an important hub for employment, education, retail and health related services.

“One of Council’s important roles is ensuring our community is planned in a way that fits with people’s lives and how they want to enjoy their local areas,” Ms Wilson said.

“A refined vision for Epping Central will focus on its unique attributes, opportunities and strengths.

“Residents can provide feedback now on whether our plan to refocus the heart of Epping Central to the area between the Northern Hospital, Pacific Epping Shopping Centre, Cooper Street and the potential future transport interchange will work.

“We are also looking at ways to meet housing demands, which includes planning for more affordable housing.”

To find out more about future plans for Epping Central, including details of all the proposed key directions, please visit

The Future Directions Paper for Epping Central Structure Plan is on public exhibition until 17 August 2020.

Have your say here.