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Catch up: Our community needs E6 freeway construction

Catch up: Our community needs E6 freeway construction

Thursday, March 07, 2019

City of Whittlesea has backed rapidly growing communities crying out for relief in congestion by urging federal politicians to construct the E6 Freeway.

“Our community needs the construction of the E6 freeway now to relieve congestion on Whittlesea’s north – south road network and to cater for the rapidly growing communities across the Northern Growth Corridor,” Mayor Lawrie Cox said.

“There are currently around 183,000 vehicles travelling north south through the City of Whittlesea each day along High street, Epping, Plenty, Dalton and Edgars roads and these roads are already operating above capacity.

“The population in the City of Whittlesea is expected to grow by 159,000 people in the next 20 years and the majority of this growth will occur within the E6 corridor, placing even more pressure on our road network.”

The proposed 23km E6 Freeway will run from the Hume Freeway to M80 Ring Road.

“Council urges the State and Federal governments to bring forward the delivery of the E6 freeway from the current nominated timeframe of 15 to 30 years,” Cr Cox said.

“We need the funding committed now, the planning started and freeway built and operating by 2031.

“Land along this route is already reserved, and while some environmental and civil engineering studies need to be completed, there are no known impediments to building this road.”

The E6 Freeway construction is one of the key priorities of the Catch up with the Outer Suburbs campaign that Cr Cox helped launch in Canberra on February 18.

The National Growth Areas Alliance (NGAA) campaign has three common sense recommendations for the federal government:

  • Get 5 million people to work, study or home on time
  • Create jobs where the works force lives
  • Build the facilities to build communities.

To make your voice count and join the campaign to have the E6 Freeway built by 2031 visit