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City of Whittlesea community award recipients announced

City of Whittlesea community award recipients announced

Thursday, October 28, 2021

A group of residents have been recognised for going above and beyond to help their local community.

The inaugural City of Whittlesea Community Awards was presented in an online ceremony on Wednesday 27 October, which also featured a Welcome to Country by Wurundjeri Elder Uncle Ringo.

Administrator Peita Duncan, who was also a member of the Community Awards Committee,  praised the efforts of those who were celebrated.

“It’s wonderful to see so many people in our community giving up their time to help others,” she said.

“This level of community spirit is inspiring. We were pleased to recognise a small group of these wonderful people in our first community awards program.

 “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Awards Committee who volunteered their time to help direct the organisation of the awards and judge the nominations. 

“We hope this encourages others to appreciate the community spirit that is present in the City of Whittlesea.”

To watch the recording of the ceremony, visit Council's YouTube channel

To find out more about the City of Whittlesea Community Awards or stay up-to-date with plans for the 2022 awards, visit:


Full list of 2021 City of Whittlesea Community Award nominees and winners

Citizen of the Year

Winner: Daman Shrivastav, South Morang whose above-and-beyond efforts to provide free meals and food to international students and others in need went far and wide during the pandemic.


  • Deborah Henry
  • Gurinder Kaur
  • Josie Ciccone Minniti
  • Mannix Santos
  • Nicole Brown
  • Scott Brander
  • Shina Shrestha
  • Tim Purdy

Senior Citizen of the Year

Winner: Shoukry Sidrak for their contribution to the community over more than two decades, including volunteering at Whittlesea Community Connections, offering companionship through the community visitors’ program and providing free sustainability assessments to local businesses.


  • Alexandra Leti

Access and Inclusion Citizen of the Year

Winner: Lynne Harris from Bundoora for her work helping create opportunities for local people with disabilities to participate over the past 30 years.


  • Guralambir Sing Alex
  • Niharika Dawar
  • Norma Medawar
  • Sally Pasceri

Sustainable Environment Citizen of the Year

Winner: Hansikaa Sharma for her commitment to inspiring others to join her in tackling environmental issues. From presenting to her school mates about the importance of Earth Hour and National Water Week to establishing a litter clean-up group and advocating against the use of helium balloons and palm oil.


  • Carter Rodda
  • Daman Shrivastav
  • Deborah Henry
  • Jim Bannan
  • Rudra Sekhri
  • Krysti Severi
  • Nicole Brown

Young Citizen of the Year

Winner: Rudra Sekhri who has shown leadership and vision in his contribution to the Thomastown Youth Council, ‘Youth Leading the World Congress’ and Mill Park Library Makers Club.


  • Sarah Mason