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City of Whittlesea households set to be surveyed

City of Whittlesea households set to be surveyed

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

The annual City of Whittlesea Household Survey will be making its way to 3000 homes around the municipality in the coming weeks.

The households selected to participate in the survey will be asked to answer 55 questions about a range of topics, including their housing, health and wellbeing, employment, and community participation.

Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said the City of Whittlesea Household Survey is like a local version of the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) census.

“The ABS’ nation-wide census collects information to help the federal and state governments know which services to invest in and where,” Ms Wilson said.

“Our survey helps Council to understand the backgrounds and challenges of a representative sample of our residents.

“The information we collect then guides the delivery of Council services and programs, including the location of new community buildings or the demand for maternal child and health, positive ageing, youth and other services in different areas of the municipality.

“Households that have been randomly selected to participate will be receiving their survey by post in the coming weeks.

Responses are confidential and the data will be compiled into anonymous statistics. A full report of the results will be published on Council’s website early next year.

“I really encourage you to participate in the survey if you receive one. Your contribution will help to ensure your community has access to the services it needs, when it needs them and that we constantly review and improve the way we do things,” Ms Wilson said.