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Do you own livestock? Check your fences

Do you own livestock? Check your fences

Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Owners of sheep, goats, cows and horses are reminded to continually check their property fences to make sure their animals don’t escape.

Wandering stock is a continual challenge in the City of Whittlesea with council receiving 144 calls about the topic in the past year, with goats and sheep a particular issue.

Mayor Lawrie Cox said wandering stock posed a serious danger for drivers as well as the animals, particularly in locations where urban and rural areas met.

“We’ve had incidents on roads such as Bridge Inn Road, Donnybrook Road, Epping Road, Harvest Home Road and O’Herns Road,” Cr Cox said.

“So we’re reminding stock-owners to regularly check their fences, ensure there is enough feed and water available to stop their animals breaking through.”

If a fence is inadequate, the property owner could face fines and be forced to repair their fence.

Council rangers will impound any wandering stock with owners needing to pay a fee to reclaim their animals.

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