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Exploring The World Around Us with the Community Festival Salon tent and activities

Exploring The World Around Us with the Community Festival Salon tent and activities

Tuesday, March 07, 2023

The Salon is a very special destination at the City of Whittlesea Community Festival on Sunday 19 March, where we celebrate our cultural heritage and explore new ideas. Each year, a different theme is showcased. This year, the theme is Myths & Legends.

The Community Festival will be held at the Civic Centre precinct on South Morang from 11am until 5pm.

Visitors can enter the exotic world of the Salon and be transported to a mythical land through storytelling, music and dance, as professional mentors and local community groups guide participants through various performances and workshops meant to tell the myths and legends of cultures from across the world.

The Salon also features a number of free activities including detailed African braiding, hand painted henna, saree clothing workshop (including trying on traditional saree’s) and a high energy Arabic drumming workshop on darbuka drums!

Here is the full schedule:

Time                   Show                                                             Group

11.30am            The Ramayana Epic Battle                     TWICO

12pm                 1001 Arabian Nights                                Hana Zriekat

12.25pm            Nyami Nyami the River God                  Lungile & Japhet Ncube

1.15pm              The Legend of Chaminuka                     Clive Gono

1.45pm              The Magic Giant Tree                               Ildiko Kormonszy

2.15pm              Zareef Altool                                              Palestinian Seniors Association

3.05pm              Táhirih Qurrat al-'Ayn                              Farzeneh Dehghan

4pm                    Betting on the Underdogs                     Jaya Berged

4.30pm              The Yaweh's Migration                           Fred Addo

All activities, including coffee and mint tea are free.

The Salon and respective activities are part of the City of Whittlesea’s cultural diversity week celebrations.

To learn more about the Salon tent and its different activities visit the Whittlesea Art webpage


City of Whittlesea Community Festival

Sunday 19 March, 11am to 5pm

Civic Centre precinct, Ferres Boulevard, South Morang

For more information and a full program of events at this year’s Community Festival make sure to visit Whittlesea Arts Webpage or check out Council’s Facebook page.