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Free youth theatre workshops - August

Free youth theatre workshops - August

Friday, July 24, 2020

Artists are innovators so during the lockdown period of the COVID19 Pandemic, FRESH Youth Theatre has been rejigged to have a virtual emphasis.

Led by artistic director Jordan Stack, traditionally the group of local 12-18-year-olds would meet weekly to share whatever is happening in their lives and use it to make theatre.

With the possibility of staging theatre still a way off, online film making workshops for kids aged between 12 and 18 will begin on Thursday 30 July.

The classes will explore creative and technical film making skills online and then in person safely when COVID-19 restrictions ease.

Participants will work in a group to create a series of short films to be shown as part of a mini film festival in November.

Careful preparations have been made to ensure participants are supported to manage the changes in their creative and personal lives.

An online program also ran earlier this year so that the kids felt supported, especially those that were quite isolated.

In March the Whittlesea Freshies tackled different forms of writing and subject matters, which were eventually formed into the radio-play Some Fresh News.

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City of Whittlesea is a FRESH Youth Theatre partner.