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Funding supports rural landowners to generate sustainable practices

Funding supports rural landowners to generate sustainable practices

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Whittlesea Council is excited to be helping rural landholders implement sustainable land management practices with an Environmental Works Grant Program.

The program provides a financial incentive to rural landowners on two hectares or more, to conduct works on their land that protect and enhance Whittlesea’s remnant vegetation and support local wildlife.

Whittlesea landholder, Linda, has used grants to install next boxes and add vegetation which provides shelter for wild life, improves the appearance of the land and helps prevent soil erosion.

“The grant has allowed me to add more and more trees and now, when I stand in the gully, I can’t see out because of vegetation,” Linda said.

“I’ve also managed to fence off a corner of my property adjoining the road, where there was remnant vegetation. I wanted it to grow into my land. It is a bit of a dry area so it needs more plants and the funding can provide those.

“There are more birds on the property due to the work I’ve done. I like the wild life and I like how it looks.

“Everyone at the Council in Biodiversity and Sustainable Land Management has been very helpful in all the years I've dealt with them. I’ve found everyone to be always available if I have questions.”

Landowners can apply for a grant in consecutive years, provided that previous projects are completed prior to a new application being submitted.

Applications for the 2021 Environmental Works Grant Program will close on 30 November 2020.