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Grants available to support rural landowners

Grants available to support rural landowners

Thursday, October 07, 2021

Rural landowners looking to undertake work on their land to help improve the native environment and boost habitat for local wildlife can now apply for a City of Whittlesea Environmental Works Grant.

The program, now into its 21st year, provides a financial incentive for property owners on two hectares or more to create sustainable land management practices that protect and enhance the land and wildlife.

Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said that a large proportion of our city’s native vegetation is found on private land and these grants provide support to our local landowners to manage and care for the vegetation.

“Our annual Environmental Works Grants are a fantastic opportunity for rural landowners to do some work on their property that will not only enhance their property, but also provide environmental benefits,” Ms Wilson said.

“This might include fencing off areas to protect the vegetation from livestock or other animals, planting new trees and shrubs or creating nest boxes for the local wildlife.”

Eden Park resident Norm Dinnage, has successfully utilised grant funding over recent years to replant native vegetation along the creek easement on his property.

“The grant has helped us to carry out work along the creek bed, planting trees, reeds and shrubs to help slow down erosion, increase the amount of natural habitat for wildlife and generally improve the landscape and environment around here,” Norm said.

“We’ve since noticed an increase in wildlife on the property, including more frogs in the creek, wombats and even an echidna. We’re hoping to add some nest boxes this year to attract more birdlife.”

“The process to apply for the grant is really easy and the help you get from the Council staff has been great. It really is a great initiative to help anyone wanting to do some revegetation or environmental work on their property.”

Landowners on 2 hectares or more can apply for a grant of up to $1500 and can apply in consecutive years, provided that previous projects are completed prior to a new application being submitted.

Applications for the 2022 Environmental Works Grant Program will close on 30 November 2021.

To apply for a grant visit