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Greener days ahead

Greener days ahead

Tuesday, December 06, 2022

Single-use plastics are used for only a few minutes but make up a third of the litter we see on our streets and in our waterways. They harm wildlife and are difficult to clean up.

To reduce plastic pollution, the Victorian Government is banning single-use plastics from 1 February 2023.

The ban will apply to items like plastic straws, cutlery, plates, cotton bud sticks, polystyrene cups and containers.

City of Whittlesea Administrator Chris Eddy urged business owners to ensure they were ready for the new regulations.

“This change may necessitate a significant adjustment for many of our city’s businesses and I urge owners to ensure they are well prepared,” Administrator Chris Eddy said.

“Replacing single-use plastics with sustainable alternatives across the board will greatly reduce the amount of harmful waste polluting our environment.”

Owners of Maple Tree Cafe in South Morang, Raj and Catherine, have already implemented a number of environmentally friendly measures at their business, including biodegradable coffee cups, paper bags and cardboard boxes. Furthermore, 80 per cent of the vegetables used at the cafe are organically home grown.


How to get your business ready:

  • Review your operational use of single-use plastics
  • Choose single-use items made from materials such as paper, wood or bamboo that are responsibly sourced
  • Order stock of any alternative items you will need ahead of the ban starting, to avoid supply issues
  • Run down stocks of banned items and avoid ordering any more.

For help to prepare for the change, contact Council at or 9217 2278.


As a customer, you can help by:

  • Taking your own cutlery or containers when you shop
  • Choosing bamboo, wood, or paper when you really need a single-use item
  • Being understanding of our local businesses as this change rolls out.