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Growing suburbs under spotlight on National Nightmare Commute Day

Growing suburbs under spotlight on National Nightmare Commute Day

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

City of Whittlesea residents are encouraged to add their voice to a collective social media shout out on National Nightmare Commute Day, April 4.

The nationwide social media event invites residents of fast-growing outer suburbs who suffer a frustrating and timewasting commute to work and study to safely post about their journey.

Commuters can use the #nightmarecommute and #whittleseacommute on social media to share their stories of traffic jams, inadequate parking, crowded public transport and wasted hours getting to and from work or study each day.

Organised by the National Growth Area Alliance as part of their Catch Up campaign, the day is designed to achieve federal policy recognition of the fast-growing outer-suburbs and more funds for better roads and public transport.

Mayor Lawrie Cox will join a local resident on April 4 to experience his commute from Wollert to the Melbourne CBD.

“Our residents spend too much time commuting each day – valuable time that could be spent with their families,” Cr Cox said.

“Our federal politicians need to pay attention to the impact that poor infrastructure has on the lives of thousands of our residents.

“As our City continues to grow, congestion will get worse. We need a much bigger financial investment from the federal government to significantly improve our roads.”