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Have your say on the new vision for Epping

Have your say on the new vision for Epping

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Residents are invited to have their say on how the City of Whittlesea’s largest Metropolitan Activity Centre, Epping Central, will continue to evolve into a liveable, diverse and thriving place for all.

Council has prepared a draft of a new Epping Central Structure Plan following extensive consultation over a number of years with the local community, local businesses and key groups in the area.

Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said Epping Central (which is designated as a Metropolitan Activity Centre in Plan Melbourne 2017-2050), is the largest Activity Centre in the municipality and will continue to be an important hub for employment, housing, retail, education and health-related services.

“The aim is to increase local employment, provide more diverse housing and create a more vibrant and attractive area for people to live, work, visit or do business,” she said.

The new plan builds on the work of the previous structure plan for a high-density mixed-use precinct and delivers a unique and modern vision for Epping through the key themes of:

  • urban living
  • movement and transport
  • employment and investment
  • community facilities and services
  • public and natural environment.

The community can provide feedback on initiatives such as proposed improvements to pedestrian links which connect key destinations including Epping Station, Pacific Epping Shopping Centre and the Northern Hospital and opportunities for new parks and urban squares which have been identified in the draft plan.

The boundary of the structure plan has been revised to incorporate the New Epping site on Cooper Street which is currently under development and will comprise significant new housing and employment opportunities.

“One of Council’s most important responsibilities is to ensure our communities are planned in a way that fits with how people want to live their lives and enjoy their local areas now and into the future,” said Administrator Wilson.

“We’ve had significant community input over a number of years to inform the development of this plan and now we really want to check back in with the broader community one last time before it is finalised to make sure we’ve captured a vision for Epping that resonates with them,” she said. 

To find out more about in person and online opportunities to view the plan, ask questions or have your say, visit Epping Central Structure Plan | Engage City of Whittlesea – consultation closes 4 December.