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Key agencies strive for 10,000 signatures

Key agencies strive for 10,000 signatures

Friday, July 20, 2018

The Whittlesea Community Futures Network (WCF) which comprises 66 major agencies such as Whittlesea Community Connections, The Salvation Army, Brotherhood of St Laurence and YMCA are proudly displaying Pokies Play Whittlesea posters and signing up people to the campaign’s online petition.

WCF advocacy chairperson and Senior Manager with The Salvation Army Crossroads Network, Carmen Faelis, said the harm that our community experienced due to pokie addiction was linked to family breakdown, domestic violence, crime and financial stress.

“These issues are real and agencies like ours see the families torn apart by these issues every day,” Ms Faelis said.

The Pokies Play Whittlesea campaign is not about banning poker machines it is about changing the design of the machines so that they are less addictive and curbing the ridiculous hours that our pokie venues are open to remove some of the harm being caused to local families.

“These small changes can make a big difference and we want to send a clear message to all political parties that our community wants these changes introduced,” Ms Faelis said.

“There is an election in November and now is a perfect time for them to hear our cries for help and to introduce reforms that will make a positive impact on our community.

“Target 10,000 is about 100 people each getting 100 postcards signed. If we all just do our little bit we can make a big difference.”

If you would like to be a Target 10,000 member email and organise to receive your ambassador pack.

To register your support for Pokies Play Whittlesea visit