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Kicking goals for community sport in Thomastown

Kicking goals for community sport in Thomastown

Monday, October 25, 2021

In a boost for grass-roots sport, the City of Whittlesea will upgrade the soccer pitch and pavilion at HR Uren Recreation Reserve in Thomastown as part of a program to revitalise local infrastructure and help communities thrive.

The first stage of the works will include construction of a new FIFA-approved synthetic pitch with bench seating for spectators, ball-catching nets, boundary fencing and walking paths around the pitch.

City of Whittlesea Chair Administrator Lydia Wilson said that the redevelopment of HR Uren Recreation Reserve will support residents to get active and encourage local communities to participate in sport.

“With community sport back on track after lockdown, it’s heartening to see residents making the most of Council’s facilities and sports grounds again,” Ms Wilson said.

“We’re working hard to ensure our communities have access to first-rate facilities to enjoy for many years to come.”

Lalor United Sloga Football Club Coordinator Emil Atanasov welcomed Council’s $4.2 million investment into the upgrade at HR Uren Recreation Reserve in Thomastown, which will also include an extension to the existing pavilion and car park.

“We’re very excited. The existing pitch has no drainage, it’s always muddy and suddenly we’re going to have a really good facility the kids can use all year round. It should attract more players to the club,” Mr Atanasov said.

“We haven’t got a social space at the club, we use the change rooms, and suddenly we’re going to have a proper functioning space. We’re excited about that even more.”

Construction of the new pitch will start in November and is expected to be complete in March 2022. The pavilion and car park extension will be complete in 2023.

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