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Kids invited to write letters to isolated older residents

Kids invited to write letters to isolated older residents

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Kids in the City of Whittlesea have started writing letters to isolated older residents as part of Council’s intergenerational project.

Director Community Services Belgin Besim said remaining connected is important for the wellbeing of all.

“The need for many older people to be placed in isolation during this pandemic will, for some, exacerbate their sense of loneliness,” Ms Besim said.

Inspired by a televised social experiment, which saw elderly people in a retirement community joined by a group of 4-year-olds, the Council has been looking for opportunities to connect younger and older communities locally.

“Using our intergenerational approach, we have contacted our local schools to see if they can arrange for students to write/draw letters for our older residents,” Ms Besim said.

“The letters can come to Council and we can facilitate where they need to be delivered.

“This might be nursing homes, but it will also include older people accessing our aged care services who live independently at home, often living alone.

“It is a way for our young generation to provide some positive support to our older residents during this time of social distancing.”

All letters can be sent to:

Aged and Disability Services

City of Whittlesea

Reply Paid 60758

Bundoora MDC 3083

If you have any questions please call Catherine Simcox, Ageing Well Planner on 9407 5966 or email or