Long term vision for the City of Whittlesea launched

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Published: Friday, October 12, 2018

Community feedback shapes long-term vision to guide City of Whittlesea into the future.

More than 4000 community members have shared their aspirations for the City of Whittlesea to help develop a long-term vision for Council.

For the past eight months Council has been asking residents two main questions: What are the things you love about your local area? And what are your hopes for your local area by the year 2040?

Using this feedback Council created Whittlesea 2040: A Place for All which will guide what the organisation does moving forward.

Whittlesea 2040: a place for all has been divided into four goals: Connected community, liveable neighbourhoods, Strong local economy and Sustainable environment.

To measure the success of the vision a number of priority indicators for each goal have been established, such as: safety in public areas, commuter travel time, local jobs and waste minimisation.

Mayor Kris Pavlidis said Whittlesea 2040: A Place for All was all about ensuring Council is ready for the challenges and opportunities that the future will bring.

“Our municipality is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia. In fact, we’re the fourth largest and sixth fastest growing local government in Victoria,” she said.

“With so much growth happening, it’s important that we plan for the future. We want to make sure our community is a place that the next generation enjoy living, working and playing in.

“In 20 years’ time our society will be a very different place. Who knows what technology will be around or what the world will look like.

“Part of planning for the future is about making sure the unique and valuable parts of our communities are protected, while also adapting to future trends.”