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New signage to educate community about ducks

New signage to educate community about ducks

Friday, July 20, 2018

New signs have been installed at local parks encouraging residents to enjoy looking at ducks without feeding them.

Mayor Councillor Kris Pavlidis said feeding ducks leads to overpopulation, attracts pests and vermin, and causes pollution in the waterways which creates an unpleasant odour.

“We want to encourage residents to visit the parks and enjoy seeing the ducks in a natural environment without feeding them,” Cr Pavlidis said.

“For a healthy duck population and waterway ducks need to find their own food such as worms and grubs.

“A healthy population of ducks at any one waterway is 20 to 30 ducks. Currently Mill Park Lakes has more than 300 ducks. Another overpopulated area is Gillwell Park in Lalor.

“Ducks will naturally migrate to other less populated waterways if the unnatural food source, such as bread, is removed.”