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Peter Hopper Lake in Mill Park closed

Peter Hopper Lake in Mill Park closed

Thursday, January 07, 2021

Peter Hopper Lake at Redleap Reserve, Mill Park has been temporarily closed due to the poor water quality of the lake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Peter Hopper Lake closed?

Peter Hopper Lake has been temporarily fenced off due to the poor water quality of the lake.

What is Council doing to fix the problem?

Council is working on restoring the water quality at the lake to ensure it is at an acceptable level. We are also undertaking regular monitoring at the site and where necessary removing or relocating any aquatic wildlife.

The water quality at the lake has been a problem all year, why hasn’t it been fixed sooner?

The lake has been battling an outbreak of blue green algae since early 2020. Generally, this naturally dissipates in the cooler months, however this did not occur as much as expected. We will be undertaking works to restore the water quality during the next few months and will reopen the lake once this has occurred.

What do visitors need to do?

  • Avoid contact with water
  • Keep dogs on a leash and away from the water
  • Do not handle birds or wildlife
  • Do not feed birds or wildlife

How long will the lake be fenced?

Council will continue to monitor the water quality and wildlife at the lake to determine when the lake can reopen. We don’t expect this to be before March 2021.

What should I do if I see any wildlife in the area that requires assistance?

If you see any wildlife that requires assistance, please do not handle the animal. Call Council on 9217 2170.