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Praise for Friends of Westgarthtown as historic farm gets museum accreditation

Praise for Friends of Westgarthtown as historic farm gets museum accreditation

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

The City of Whittlesea was pleased to receive the recent news that the Council-owned Ziebell’s Farm in the Westgarthtown heritage precinct has received Accreditation by Museums Australia (Victoria).

The accreditation was decided by a panel of professional museum experts, after The Friends of Westgarthtown worked hard to meet necessary criteria from the National Standards for Australian Museums and Galleries.

Mayor Kris Pavlidis said the endorsement made the local attraction, a hidden gem, one of 74 accredited cultural organisations in Victoria.

 “We have known for a long time how valuable Ziebell’s Farmhouse is to our area and our municipality,” she said.

“It represents our unique and rich cultural heritage, it educates and informs today’s generation about those who lived here before us. I am delighted that the museum and Friends of Westgarthtown have been recognised in this way.

“It’s thanks to the hard work and dedication from the Friends of Westgarthtown, who worked with Council to meet the standards and criteria of this accreditation. These are volunteers who dedicate their time to preserving our local history.”

Ziebell’s Farmhouse and the adjoining Thomastown Lutheran Church are landmark heritage sites constructed during the establishment of Victoria’s first German settlement – Westgarthrown – in the mid 19th century. They are listed on the Victorian Heritage Register as historic places with state level significance.

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2 may 2018

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