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Public Notice: Submission to name the reserve at 20W Willaroy Blvd, Donnybrook – “Aston Park”

Public Notice: Submission to name the reserve at 20W Willaroy Blvd, Donnybrook – “Aston Park”

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Proposal to name the the reserve at 20W Willaroy Blvd, Donnybrook – ‘Aston Park’

Council has received a submission proposing that the the reserve at 20W Willaroy Blvd, Donnybrook be named Aston Park and is inviting feedback.  Please see map and copy of submission below.

A proposal has been received on behalf of the landowners of 875 Donnybrook Road, Donnybrook, to name the Council owned feature located at 20W Willaroy Blvd, Donnybrook – “Aston Park”.  Dennis Family Corporation Pty Ltd has submitted the request for the naming of the Donnybrae Stage 4 reserve which is currently under construction and near completion.


Compliance with the Naming Rules

A preliminary assessment of the proposal against the State Government Naming Rules for places in Victoria, (Naming Rules) indicates that the proposal meets the following general principles:


How this is demonstrated in the proposal

(C) – Linking the name to place

The proposed name “Aston” has a link to place in that it demonstrates a pattern of land usage.  The previous owners of the land conducted farming, including raising Boar Goats, Sheep and Angus Cattle.  The farm being a small concern and due to undulating and rocky terrain, did not employ people to assist and were unable to use conventional vehicles such as motorcycles and farm utilities on a large portion of the property.  Instead, a trained working dog named Aston was relied on and contributed to the success of the farm.

(H) – Using commemorative names

Naming often commemorates an event, person or place and can be applied to the commemoration of animals that made a noteworthy contribution to a place. 


Aston assisted by herding and controlling animal movements during strip feeding where the animals were moved regularly across the 13 paddocks to ensure vegetation regrowth.  Aston did the job of at least two people.  Aston was an integral part of the day to day workings of the rural property.  The farm could not have run as smoothly and efficiently as it did without Aston being a major part of the team.


Aston became known to locals because of his ability to easily move stock.  Since Aston passed away he has been missed and his integral assistance not forgotten and for these reasons Aston’s name has been put forward for consideration to name this park to commemorate him.


Public Submissions

In accordance with the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria public submissions are invited on the proposed name ‘Aston Park’ by 5.00pm, Thursday 14 April 2022 by email to or post to Governance Team, City of Whittlesea Locked Bag 1, Bundoora MDC 3083.

If you object to the proposed name, please explain why you believe the name does not comply with any of the following general principles in the Naming Rules for Places in Victoria 2016:

  • Ensuring public safety
  • Recognising the public interest
  • Linking the name to place
  • Ensuring names are not duplicated
  • Names must not be discriminatory
  • Recognition and use of Aboriginal languages in naming
  • Dual names (naming with two distinct parts, usually one part of non-Aboriginal language origin and the other of Aboriginal language origin
  • Using commemorative names
  • Using commercial and business names is not allowed
  • Language (Names should be easy to pronounce. Prefixes, symbols, punctuation marks and abbreviations are not allowed.)
  • Directional names north, south, east and west must be avoided
  • Assigning extent to a road, feature or locality (Council must clearly define the area and/or extent to which the name will apply.)

Further information on these general principles and the Naming Rules can be accessed via the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website.


Supporting documents

Submission to name the reserve at 20W Willaroy Blvd, Donnybrook – “Aston Park”.

Map of Willaroy Blvd.


Have your say at Engage Whittlesea

To lodge a public submission, visit Engage Whittlesea.


Support and assistance

If you would like to make a submission it should be in writing and in English unless this unreasonably prevents or hinders you from participating.  If you are unable to provide your objection in writing and/or in English and there are any adjustments we can make to assist you to make a submission, please contact Council on 9217 2294 to discuss the means by which you may make an objection. 

If you do not speak English, we offer various language services to help you communicate with us including VITS and LanguageLinks.  If you have a hearing or speech impairment you may use the National Relay Service. 



If you lodge an objection, Council will respond to your objection in writing and will notify you of the outcome of the public consultation.



If you have any questions please call 9217 2294 or email