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Published: Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Council’s recycling processor SKM has received approval from the EPA to open its Coolaroo recycling plant.

This means household recyclables collected through your yellow bin will once again be processed for recycling and no longer sent to landfill.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening to my recycling?

From Thursday 21 March, SKM's Coolaroo recycling plant will be open again. This means recycling will no longer be diverted from landfill but will be recycled again.

When will my recycling be collected?

Your recycling will be collected as per your normal fortnightly schedule. Remember, to only put the following empty items in your recycling bin:

  • cans (aluminium and steel) and tins
  • foil (scrunched into a ball)
  • hard plastic bottles and containers (including Tupperware)
  • glass bottles and jars including medicine bottles (with lids removed)
  • milk and juice bottles and cartons including tetra packs
  • paper and cardboard

Read more about the dos and don'ts of recycling.

Can Council do an extra recycling collections now that the situation is resolved?

Our contractors have a set number of trucks that are busy each day collecting waste, greenwaste and recycling. There are not extra trucks available to do an extra collection. Even if we did have extra trucks, doubling the amount of recycling collected in one week would be more than SKM could process in one week and create a fire hazard again.

Will Council have to pay the cost of sending it to landfill instead of recycling?

We are working with our collection contractors and SKM on a solution that won’t see Council penalised for something that was beyond our control.

Will I get a refund for my past recycling collections that ended up in landfill?

No. The cost of collecting and transporting your rubbish and recycling each week continued to remain the same; the destination of the recycling was the only change in the short term.

Why didn't Council have a back-up plan for situations such as this?

There are very few locations in Victoria that accept and process recycling materials. We know recycling is an important issue to our community. All Councils in Victoria are in the same situation so we are working with the State and Federal Governments to come up with more sustainable long-term solutions for processing recycling locally.

I'm keen to keep reducing the amount of waste I'm producing, where can I learn more?

There are some tips on our Living Green section of the website.