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Scraps to soil – food recycling starts soon

Scraps to soil – food recycling starts soon

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Council’s new food and garden waste recycling service will begin on 1 July 2020 allowing households to dispose of food scraps into their garden waste bin.

This new ‘scraps to soil’ recycling service aims to tackle the large amount of food waste going to landfill, and instead transform it into compost.

City of Whittlesea Administrator Lydia Wilson said households that recycle food waste could make a huge impact on reducing waste to landfill.

“More than 40 per cent of waste in the City of Whittlesea is food,” she said.

“Recycling food scraps has enormous environmental benefits because food rotting in landfill produces greenhouse gasses. There is also a financial benefit as landfill levies that are passed on to Council by the State Government and then on to ratepayers will be reduced.”

From 1 June, a kitchen caddy and compostable bin liners will be delivered to residents who have a garden waste bin to start recycling food.

Sign up for a garden waste bin or call 9217 2170.

Meanwhile Council has a new mascot named Connie the Composter, chosen by a resident in a recent community competition.

The new mascot joins Reggie the Recycler as part of a program to help children understand the importance of recycling.

Connie and Reggie will be out and about in the community once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.