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What's happening at Mernda Town Centre?

What's happening at Mernda Town Centre?

Friday, March 01, 2019

Where is Mernda Town Centre?

The town centre will be located on the south east corner of Bridge Inn and Plenty Roads, adjacent to the Mernda Station.

What is planned for the site?

In July 2017, Council approved a development plan for the site, which is a strategic document which outlines how the land should be used and developed. Any development would then require a separate planning permit to be approved.

The development plan included an agreement that the developer would use 7900sqm of land for the future development of a town square and community facilities.

What has actually been approved?

On 12 February 2019, Council approved a planning permit for stage 1 development of this land. This stage (highlighted in the map) includes a supermarket, speciality stores and shops, food outlets and a medical centre and gym.

The first stage also includes the creation of a lot that will be developed in the future for a community centre.

No planning permit applications have been lodged yet for any future stages of the development.

Will there be multi-storey residential development included?

The planning application that was approved on 12 February is only the first stage retail development. It does not include a proposal for residential development.

The strategic document for the site – the Mernda Town Centre Development Plan - identifies that the site could be suitable for different development options. This could include a variety of building heights from two to four storeys and up 6 storeys in height near the station.

Any actual development of the site would require planning permission. Apart from the Stage 1 permit given on 12 February 2019, Council has not yet received any more planning applications for the site. Any applications submitted will be considered on their own merits.

What happens if the ownership of the site changes hands?

Planning controls and planning permit issued is not dependent on who owns it. The permit issued on 12 February would be implemented by any new landowners.

When will the Town Centre be built?

Once a permit is issued and all relevant plans have been approved, it is up to the developer to choose when to start work. The permit condition, however, gives the landowner three years to begin work on the project and 5 years to have this stage complete. A developer has the option to apply for an extension to the permit.

Where can I view a copy of the approved plans?

Final plans have not yet been approved for the development.  Conditions on the planning permit require that the applicant make amendments to the plans before Council can approve them.  However, you can view a detailed report which describes the proposal as part of the 12 February 2019 Council agenda. You can also read more on the Mernda Town Centre page.