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What's happening with recycling?

What's happening with recycling?

Tuesday, March 03, 2020

The State Government has announced some changes to the way we recycle in Victoria including introducing a container deposit scheme and a four-bin system with an extra bin for glass.

While we welcome news of changes to the system, we don't have a lot of detail on how it will all work yet.

We’ve made some changes too with the introduction of food waste recycling from 1 July for all our residents with a green waste bin.

We have been advocating to the government for change so we're keen to learn more of the detail and see what impact this will have on our local community.

We'll be working closely with the government and updating residents as soon as we know more.

Meanwhile, you can read more about the State Government's plans on the Recycling Victoria website.

You can also download their fact sheets below.

Read more about our upcoming food waste recycling program.