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Biodiversity Strategy 2019-2029

In 2019 we adopted our Biodiversity Strategy which outlines a ten-year framework to protect and improve our local biodiversity.

In implementing the Biodiversity Strategy the City of Whittlesea will be committing to working with the community and agencies to ensure that our natural values are there for future generations.

The strategy provides six key directions to improve the management and protection of biodiversity across the municipality into the future. It builds on the many efforts already underway by individuals, community groups, and government and aims to develop a coordinated approach that will allow for our natural environment to thrive as the City continues to grow.

The strategy sets out six key objectives to protect and improve local biodiversity:

  1. Improve our knowledge and understanding of local biodiversity
  2. Strengthen the Planning Scheme to achieve better biodiversity outcomes
  3. Support our rural landowners to protect biodiversity on their land
  4. Encourage awareness and participation in urban biodiversity and improvement
  5. Manage Council land to reduce threats and improve habitat quality
  6. Collaborate with other land management agencies