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Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy

Feeling safe in your home and neighbourhood is an important part of everyone's health and wellbeing, and we know that safety is an important issue for our residents.

We work closely with local Police and community organisations to plan for a healthy and safe community through the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Committee which is co-chaired with Victoria Police.  

Our Community Safety and Crime Prevention Strategy 2016-2020 aims to improve safety and minimise crime by partnering with local police and relevant agencies.

Goals of the strategy:

  1. Local environment is safe, welcoming and promotes community connection
  2. Crime against public and private property is minimised
  3. Young people have education pathways and meaningful opportunities
  4. Dangerous driving is minimised
  5. Harms and negative impacts of financial vulnerability on community safety are minimised
  6. Harms from alcohol are minimised
  7. Harms from illicit drugs are minimised
  8. Women and children live free from family violence
  9. Employment programs are provided for key population groups
  10. Negative community safety impacts from electronic and online crime are minimised

Closed Circuit Television

We use Closed Circuit Television or CCTV in different ways across the municipality including fixed CCTV to monitor and protect Council infrastructure and community centres such as leisure centres and portable CCTV in high-risk locations or to support enforcement of local laws such as dumping of rubbish.

The primary use of CCTV is to discourage and/or detect unlawful behaviour in and around a specific area to enhance the safety and security of people and property.

Signage indicating CCTV is operating is always displayed in a prominent position. The CCTV is not actively monitored.

We are currently installing CCTV in the May Road Lalor Shopping Precinct. For more information on this project, refer to the Frequently Asked Questions.