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Economic Development Strategy

Economic Development Strategy

Our Economic Development Strategy outlines our vision to attract 10,000 new jobs to the City of Whittlesea over the next five years.

We're committed to supporting businesses to grow and prosper, giving the community access to a range of local jobs in a strong local economy.

We have set an ambitious vision to attract 10,000 new jobs into our municipality over the next 5 years, and to achieve this we're following the following principles:

  • Strive to build a healthy, prosperous and resilient community
  • Foster an environment that encourages the development of a vibrant local economy
  • Capitalise on our city's human, natural and built resources to maximise local employment
  • Promote the municipality as an attractive destination to invest and work in, visit and enjoy
  • Collaborate with community, businesses and government to deliver resources and opportunities.

To learn more about how we'll work towards our goal, download a copy of the strategy below.