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Social and Affordable Housing Policy and Strategy

Our Social and Affordable Housing Policy and Strategy 2012-2016 provides a practical plan for us to help increase access to affordable housing in the City of Whittlesea.

Though we are not a housing provider, we can ensure affordable housing is built into social and economic planning, land use planning, and partner with service providers and other levels of government.

Adopted in April 2012, this strategy covers issues including:

  • population growth
  • declining household size
  • increasing rents and house prices
  • increased disadvantage
  • lack of social housing stock

The key themes identified in the strategy for our action are:

  • planning for social and affordable housing
  • increasing the supply of social housing
  • increasing affordable private rental housing for low income households
  • increasing access to affordable house purchase for moderate income households
  • developing housing that matches the needs of the diverse population
  • addressing the needs of people faced with a housing crisis

To request a copy of the full strategy or for more information, call our Executive Officer Policy and Strategy on 9217 2128.