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Strong Local Economy Strategy

The Strong Local Economy Strategy was adopted by Council at its meeting on 21 February 2022 and will guide the City of Whittlesea’s approach to building and supporting a strong and innovative local economy over the next five years.


The strategy was developed in consultation with community, businesses, industry and educational institutions, while being guided by Council’s Whittlesea 2040 vision of a place for all.

The strategy:

  • Sets out the economy we want and outlines how this will positively impact our community
  • Provides an overview of the City of Whittlesea’s existing economy
  • Identifies the challenges and opportunities facing our local economy – including the recent impact and ongoing effects of COVID-19
  • Defines Council’s priority areas for action and what we will do to contribute to strengthening our local economy between 2022–2026
  • Outlines how we will monitor our economy to ensure our actions respond to what our community needs.

The Strategy also sets out priorities for action under the following key directions:

  1. Increased local employment,
  2. Education opportunities for all, and
  3. Successful, innovative local businesses

Action plan

The Strong Local Economy Action Plan 2022–2023 (Action Plan) sets out the actions Council will focus on delivering in the first year of the Strong Local Economy Strategy (Strategy).

It is made up of the key actions from the Community Plan and Investment Attraction Plan and summarises what we will do to build employment, educational opportunities and innovative enterprises of all sizes in the City of Whittlesea, with the ultimate aim to deliver a prosperous and inclusive economy for all.

Actions are set out under each of the three Key Directions, the outcomes they are contributing to, and Council’s role in delivering on each action. Outcomes are detailed further in the Strong Local Economy Strategy.

An Action Plan for each year will be developed in line with Council’s Community Plan and annual budget process. Actions listed in this document are subject to consideration in Council’s annual budget process.