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Sustainable Environment Strategy

The Sustainable Environment Strategy was adopted by Council at its meeting on 21 November 2022 and will shape our environmental priorities over the next ten years to ensure we are creating a liveable and sustainable environment for our residents for generations to come.


The strategy was developed following extensive consultation with residents, businesses, school children industry leaders and outlines the City of Whittlesea’s approach to creating a sustainable and climate resilient future for all.

The strategy covers seven key focus areas related to environmental sustainability:

  • Biodiversity
  • City forest (greening)
  • Climate change
  • Water
  • Waste and recycling
  • Green Wedge
  • Community empowerment

The Strategy also aligns to the Sustainable Environment key directions as outlined in our Whittlesea 2040 vision, a place for all: 

  1. Valued natural landscapes and biodiversity
  2. Climate ready
  3. Leaders in sustainable living.

Action plan

The Sustainable Environment Action Plan 2022–2024 sets out the actions Council will focus on delivering in the first two year of the Sustainable Environment Strategy.

It is made up of the key actions from the six long-term thematic plans that underpin the Sustainable Environment Strategy. These six long-term plans cover the key focus areas of biodiversity, city forest (greening), climate change, Green Wedge, waste and recycling and water. Community empowerment represents a cross-cutting element that enables us to deliver the outcomes identified for each of these six focus areas by delivering education and engagement programs for our community.

Actions are set out under each of the three key directions, the outcomes they are contributing to, and Council’s role in delivering on each action. The outcomes and how we will monitor progress are detailed in the Sustainable Environment Strategy.

An Action Plan for every two years will be developed in line with Council’s Community Plan and annual budget process. Actions listed in this document are subject to consideration in Council’s annual budget process.