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Whittlesea Water For All – Our water strategy 2020-2030

In December 2020, we adopted our Whittlesea Water For All strategy which outlines a ten-year framework for the City of Whittlesea to become a leader in the planning, use and management of water.

In implementing this strategy, we will work with the community and agencies to ensure that water — our most precious resource, which is under increasing pressure as our population grows and our climate shifts — is handled efficiently and with care at all points of the water cycle.

The new water strategy, Whittlesea Water For All, connects the strategic management of stormwater, potable water, wastewater, rainwater and the health of local waterways. Its endorsement by Council marks the completion of over two years’ work to design a best practice approach. It was shaped by extensive data collection and consultation with the local community, agency partners, community organisations, businesses and developers. It was also informed by input from experts in water, environment, community, planning, public amenity and infrastructure.

The strategy stipulates five key outcomes in improving our management of our precious water across the municipality into the future. These are:

  • Cleaner - Our waterways are healthy and clean
  • Greener - Our priority urban and rural landscapes are green and healthy
  • Smarter - Our community uses potable water for drinking and alternative water is available for all other purposes
  • Prepared - Our city is prepared for droughts and floods
  • United - Our community and partners value water and work together to improve water planning, use and management