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A parent & adolescents’ journey (4-week program)

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Facilitator: KidsFirst Australia. Recommended for: parents/carers of children (aged 13-15)
From Tuesday, 14 June 2022 to
Thursday, 4 August 2022
Online webinar
Family Services Education Officer
9404 8865
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A parent and adolescent four-part workshop to increase their ability to recognize and respond to topics relating to safety.

We would look at the following areas:

Session 1: Parent session to explore their emotions in self and recognise their own coping mechanism. The purpose of the session will be to acknowledge the parent’s role in creating emotional safety within the home by understanding their own emotions.

Session 2: parent and adolescent session to discuss emotional safety. This session will include body mapping, supporting the adolescent to understand where in their body they feel emotions focusing on safety networks.

Session 3: parent - The purpose of this session will be to increase the parent’s knowledge to create physical safety. This will include exploration of the rules around touch, public and private parts of the body and increase their confidence in having conversations about sexual development.

Session 4: parent and adolescent - For adolescents i have kept it the same just session 4: parent and adolescent - The purpose of this session will be to explore protective behaviours ie healthy vs unhealthy relationships, the use of pornography, grooming behaviours and help seeking behaviours

A parent & adolescents’ journey (4-week program)

A parent & adolescents’ journey (4-week program)

Online webinar

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