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Early Years Cultural Responsiveness Training (2-week program)

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Presented by: Cross Cultural Consultancy, Children’s Programs, Brotherhood of St. Laurence
Tuesday, 23 May 2023
This is an online event.
Education and Engagement Facilitator
9404 8865
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Our Early Years Cultural Responsiveness Training aims to build cultural awareness, cultural knowledge, and cultural practice skills. We support educators to understand barriers to engagement, ensure they build their responsiveness and engage respectfully with culturally and racially diverse children, parents, and families. Our approach is tailored, interactive and engaging. We build and work from a psycho-social wellness model, building containers of caretaking to support educators to move into courageous spaces of learning, discussion, and reflection.
Session 1: Snapshot of Victoria’s Diversity
• Different types of culture
• Definitions and terminology - refugee, migrants, and asylum seekers
• The three components of cultural responsiveness
• Stereotypes and understanding bias
• Settlement challenges
Session 2: Fostering cultural safety and inclusive environments
• Inclusive Practice - Being respectful, inclusive and
welcoming of individuals and families from a range of backgrounds
• Celebrating Diversity - Recognising occasions which are important to different cultures and dietary requirements
• Inclusive Spaces - Ensuring the physical environment reflects a positive and welcoming approach to diverse cultures, through decoration and artwork.
• Cross- cultural communications and working with interpreters
• Building trust and rapport with your community

We acknowledge that funding was received by the Foundation of Graduates in Early Childhood Studies

Recommended for: early years educators

Early Years Cultural Responsiveness Training (2-week program)

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