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Group Time; Curriculum Decisions, Interactions, and Spaces

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Quality Area 5: Relationships with children Should we run a group time, and if so, for how long, how old are the children, what to include and do all children have to sit on the mat? Should there be classroom rules or agreements?
Tuesday, 15 August 2023
City of Whittlesea Council Offices, Fountain View Room 25 Ferres Boulevard, South Morang
Education and Engagement Facilitator
9404 8865
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This session will include ways to plan for groups of children to enhance their learning, development, and wellbeing (NQS 1.3). Inviting spaces will be discussed to support children and foster meaningful interactions and exploration. Fabulous experiences will also be included to give you the skills to increase children’s confidence and language development.

  • Reflect on the purpose of ‘Group time”. To Be or Not to Be?
  • Discover fabulous small and large group experiences
  • Learn catchy rhymes, songs and raps
  • Explore inviting environments that fosters children’s engagement and interactions

Recommended for: Early Years Educators

Facilitator: Louise Dorrat

Group Time; Curriculum Decisions, Interactions, and Spaces

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