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Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Motivation and Selfcare

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Presented by: Angie Zerella – The Mindful Sanctuary
Tuesday, 28 February 2023
Online event
Education and Engagement Facilitator
9404 8865
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Quality Area 4: Staffing arrangements

This session alms to support educators in enhancing their awareness, motivation and gratefulness when working with young children. The art of educating and nurturing young children requires teachers to give a lot of themselves and it is important to
reflect on the impact this has on their wellbeing and motivation for their work.
Educators burn out is real, if educators don't show up motivated and physically and emotionally well, they are not truly ready to embrace the children with their full
awareness. This session will reflect on the key burn out factors and demonstrate
strategies that will support educators to be present, motivated, and enthusiastic
through reflection, acceptance, and gratefulness, enhancing positive emotional
wellbeing. Mindfulness practice and gratitude can increase emotional regulation and calmness, decreasing stress and anxiety. With the ultimate aim for educators to bring the best of themselves into the lives of the children they teach -this session aims to bring back the passion and enthusiasm that can get lost in the exhaustion that burn out brings.

Delivered in partnership with City of Darebin

Recommended for: early years educators

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Mindfulness, Wellbeing, Motivation and Selfcare

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