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Read, Play, and Connect - 15 November

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Read, Play and Connect brings together our community at the local library for story time, games and activities with your children.
Wednesday, 15 November 2023
Donnybrook Road Community Centre, 995 Donnybrook Road Donnybrook
Education and Engagement Facilitator
9404 8865
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Families can connect at their local community hub with the City of Whittlesea Early Years team to be informed on services, programs and events happening in their Neighbourhood.

This session will feature a special guest visit from DPV Health, talking about all thing's podiatry for children.

The health of our feet is important at all stages of life, it is essential that we do the best we can to support them as they support us when we run, skip, hop and jump.

This session aims to provide some education about common foot conditions in children, how we can treat them and what parents and educators should look for to see if the child has any developmental concerns or any foot problems.

This session is a once of session that aims to provide education as well as a health discussion about feet in children from pre-walking - high school.

We welcome any questions, some may include.
• when should my child start wearing shoes?
• What shoes should my child wear?
• what to do if my child is tripping and falling a lot?
• how should I cut their nails?

Read, Play, and Connect - 15 November

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