Civil infrastructure standards

Civil infrastructure works must be conducted according to the Metropolitan Planning Authority’s Engineering Design and Construction Manual and the City of Whittlesea standards and guidelines.

Recent changes

  • All new subdivisions with a planning permit issued after 1 November 2011 must follow the requirements of the Engineering Design and Construction Manual (EDCM).
  • Transition arrangements apply for all other developments in progress. Download full details of the transitional arrangements from the MPA website (PDF – 12KB).
  • The City of Whittlesea guidelines, should still be used on existing projects and for advice on design requirements for new projects that are not covered by the EDCM (for example, Water Sensitive Urban Design, and provision of public lighting).

GAA Engineering Design and Construction Manual

The Metropolitan Planning Authority (MPA) created a common set of engineering design and construction standards for the delivery of subdivision infrastructure in Melbourne’s growth areas, incorporating consistent processes for approvals and acceptance of assets.

The Engineering Design and Construction Manual (EDCM) was created in partnership with the Office of Local Government and Melbourne’s 6 growth councils, including the City of Whittlesea, and launched in April 2011.

Access the Engineering Design and Construction Manual.

City of Whittlesea standards and guidelines

Our existing guidelines will continue to complement the EDCM standards, with more explicit information. No guideline will override the EDCM standards.

Civil Works Specification

The Civil Works Specification outlines the technical specifications and conditions for carrying out civil infrastructure works. Download the Civil Works Specification (PDF – 489KB).

Development Guidelines

Development Guidelines set out Council requirements for engineering design and construction of civil infrastructure. Download the relevant Development Guideline below:

Standard Drawings

We have a collection of standard drawings that must be used for all road and drainage construction within the City of Whittlesea. Download all the Standard Drawings (ZIP – 3.4MB), or the relevant drawings from the table below. Standard Drawings are current from 1 July 2008.

Section 200 – Drainage
SD 200 B Side Entry Pit - Barrier Type Kerb and Channel (PDF – 41KB) 30/06/08
SD 201 F Side Entry Pit - Semi Mountable (Modified) Kerb and Channel (PDF – 45KB) 30/06/08
SD 202 G Side Entry Pit - Entry Throat Details (PDF – 84KB) 01/08/05
SD 203 C Junction Pit (PDF – 122KB) 13/10/05
SD 205 B Footpath Grating Pit and Channel (PDF – 93KB)


SD 206 Stormwater Connection to Street Drain (PDF – 74KB) 01/07/01
SD 207 A Stormwater Connection to Kerb and Channel (PDF – 80KB) 10/04/03
SD 211 B Grated Side Entry Pit for Barrier Kerb and Channel (PDF – 153KB)


SD 213 A Extended Side Entry Pit (PDF – 125KB) 13/10/05
SD 214 Standard Anchor Block (PDF – 76KB) 01/07/01
SD 215 A Easement Drain Property Inlet (PDF – 97KB) 30/03/03
SD 217 B Grated Side Entry Pit for Rollover Kerb and Channel (PDF – 105KB) 17/07/03
SD 218 C Side Entry Pit Conversion at Vehicular Crossing (PDF – 80KB) 22/03/06
SD 219 A Side Entry Pit Grate (PDF – 83KB) 20/11/03
Section 300 - Kerbs
SD 301 B Barrier Kerb and Channel (600 Width) (PDF – 60KB) 01/03/06
SD 302 B Semi-Mountable (Modified) Kerb and Channel (PDF – 69KB) 01/03/06
SD 303 B Channel Crossings (PDF – 67KB) 01/03/06
SD 304 D (Revised) Kerb Ramp Detail – Corner and Mid-block (PDF – 41KB) 16/08/06
SD 305 A Precast Concrete or Plastic Spiked Kerb (PDF – 69KB) 30/03/03
SD 307 E (Revised) Conversion of Kerb and Channel to Crossing Layback (PDF – 84KB) 13/10/11
SD 309 A (Revised) Footpath Cross-Section Joints and Pits/Access Holes (PDF – 32KB) 16/08/06
Section 400 – Vehicular crossings
SD 401 F Domestic Vehicular Crossing (Barrier Kerb and Channel) (PDF – 91KB) 13/10/11
SD 402 E (Revised) Heavy Duty Vehicular Crossing (PDF – 90KB) 13/10/11
SD 403 A Vehicular Crossing Over Table Drain (PDF – 59KB) 10/10/11
SD 404 E (Revised) Domestic Vehicular Crossing (Semi-mountable Kerb and Channel) (PDF – 88KB) 13/10/11
SD 405 B (Revised) Domestic Vehicular Crossing (For Concrete Edge Strip and Swale Nature Strip) (PDF – 85KB) 13/10/11
Section 600 – Traffic engineering
SD 604 C Partially Indented Bus Bay (PDF – 100KB) 30/09/03
SD 605 D Fully Indented Bus Bay (PDF – 61KB) 13/10/11
SD 606 B Typical Island Profiles (PDF – 107KB) 08/08/03
SD 607 Raised Pavement Profile (PDF – 64KB) 01/07/01
Section 800 – Miscellaneous
SD 803 Mass Concrete Endwall (PDF – 51KB) 01/07/01
SD 804 Mitre Drains (PDF – 59KB) 01/07/01
SD 808 B Bollard - Minimum Parameters (PDF – 75KB) 17/07/03
SD 809 B Large Bollard (PDF – 116KB) 08/08/03
SD 810 B Sign Posts (PDF – 99KB) 17/07/03
SD 811 Bicycle Safety Barrier (PDF – 51KB) 01/07/01
SD 812 B Street Name Plate Detail (PDF – 181KB) 17/07/03
SD 814 C Optic Fibre Pit (PDF – 97KB) 01/08/05
Section 900 – Typical road cross sections
SD 901 D Typical Urban Road Cross-Section for High to Very Highly Expansive Sub-Grades (PDF – 26KB) 30/06/08
SD 902 C Typical Urban Road Cross-Section for Low to Medium Expansive Sub-Grades (PDF – 44KB) 16/06/05
SD 904 A Typical Rural Sealed Road Cross-Section for high to very highly expansive sub-grades (PDF – 44KB) 16/06/05
SD 905 B Rural Sealed Road Cross Section and Mitre Drain Details for Low to Medium Expansive Sub-Grades (PDF – 52KB) 16/06/05
VicRoads standard details applicable in City of Whittlesea
SD 1041 B Step Iron (PDF – 54KB) 12/12/02
SD 2001 D Kerbs (PDF – 69KB) 12/12/02
Last Updated: 11 March 2014


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